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ONLY Hinterthal (Maria Alm)

Large house or plot in Hinterthal

I am looking for a spacious house or a plot of land on which a suitable house can be built for a sporty and large family from the Netherlands. As there is no rental desired, second home status is very important!

Maria Alm, Hintermoos or Hinterthal

Small apartment near the ski lift (Hochkönig skiing area)

For a young couple from the Netherlands I am looking for a small apartment (1-2 rooms) in the Hochkönig skiing area. Besides Maria Alm, Hintermoos or Hinterthal, Schinking would also be an option. Price up to approx. euro 150,000.00

Hinterthal (Maria Alm)

Apartment with 1 bedroom in Hinterthal

For a customer from Rhineland-Palatinate, I am searching for a small apartment with 1 bedroom and second home status in Hinterthal. Price up to approx. Euro 170,000.00

Maria Alm, Hintermoos, Hinterthal possibly also Schinking

Apartment in Hochkönig area

I am looking for an apartment with 1-2 bedrooms and second home status for a customer from the Netherlands. Close proximity to ski lift and sunny balcony desired.

Schinking (Saalfelden - Maria Alm)

WANTED: locked garage in Schinking and surroundings.

For an apartment owner in Schinking I am looking for a locked garage in Schinking or in the immediate vicinity (Saalfelden - Maria Alm). Purchase preferred.

Saalbach or Leogang

Apartment with 2 bedrooms in the skicircus Saalbach-Hinterglemm-Leogang-Fieberbrunn

For a British customer I am looking for an apartment with second home status and 2 bedrooms. IMPORTANT: the ski lift must be located within walking distance

Wildentenweg (Zell am See)

Condominium with share of the beach at the Zeller See

For a prospective customer from Austria, I am looking for an apartment in the Wildentenweg complex with 1-2 bedrooms and very important, with share of the beach!

Maria Alm or Hinterthal

Small cosy holiday home in Maria Alm or Hinterthal

For loyal visitors of the Almer area I am looking for a holiday house with 3 bedrooms. The house should be in a sunny location, not in need of renovation and the plot should not be too big.

Saalbach or Hinterglemm

Apartment in the Skicircus Saalbach - Hinterglemm - Leogang - Fieberbrunn

On behalf of a customer from Germany, I am looking for an apartment in Saalbach or Hinterglemm with 2-3 bedrooms. The town centre and the ski lift should be within walking distance. The apartment should be suitable as a holiday apartment as well as for tourist rental.

Hinterthal Untere Sonnleiten No. 1

Apartment in the Untere Sonnleiten No. 1

I'm looking specifically for an apartment in the house Untere Sonnleiten 1 in Hinterthal. Ideal would be an apartment with 1 bedroom, but also larger or smaller would be interesting.


Building plot or house in Dienten ideally with second home status

A British entrepreneur is looking for a building plot between 1.500 m2 and 5.000 m2 or an existing house with at least 5 bedrooms in Dienten or eventually Hinterthal.

Leogang (Rain)

Holiday home in Leogang

For customers from southern Germany, I am looking for an apartment or a house with 3 bedrooms and second home status.


Holiday apartment with south-facing balcony

For customers from the Netherlands, I am looking for a holiday apartment in Maria Alm / surroundings suitable for a minimum of 4 people. The apartment should have a nice south balcony and second home status. Budget between Euro 150.000, - and Euro 200.000, -

Maria Alm, Hintermoos, Hinterthal, Dienten or Mühlbach

Spacious apartment or house in the Hochkönig area

For British customers I am looking for either a 3 bedroom apartment or a small house. The property would be used  as a holiday home and for tourist rentals, so it must have second home status.

Schinking (Saalfelden)

Holiday apartment in Schinking

For a customer, I am looking for an apartment in Schinking, preferably in the complex Schinking 39/40. Ideal is 1 bedroom, but also a studio would be of interest.

Hinterthal (Maria Alm)

Holiday house in Hinterthal

For a loyal Hinterthal visitor I'm looking for a holiday house with 3-4 bedrooms or a plot with second home status.

Maria Alm

Condominium in Maria Alm centre: usage as primary residence

For customers who like to move from Germany to Maria Alm I am looking for an apartment with the following criteria:

  • Suitable as a primary residence
  • In the centre of Maria Alm
  • 1-2 bedrooms
  • Approximately 100 m2 living space
  • Preferably new
Bruck an der Grossglocknerstrasse and surroundings

Apartment house for tourist rentals

For a young and ambitious couple I am looking for an apartment house with 3-4 units for tourist rentals. Preference has got the area around Bruck, but also the Oberpinzgau would be interesting.


Apartment for holiday lettings in Kaprun

For an investor I am looking for an apartment for tourist rentals. The desire is to rent the apartment independently , so no operator agreement. Ideal are 1-2 bedrooms. The price should be between € 150,000 and € 200,000.

Maria Alm, Hinterthal

Holiday home for the whole family in Hinterthal or Maria Alm

For a big family I am looking for a holiday house with 5-6 bedrooms in the Hochkönig area (preferably Hinterthal or Maria Alm).

Further criteria are:

  • Second home status
  • Garage or carport
  • Garden
  • Ski lift within walking distance
  • Not in need of renovation